9:30am - 5:30pm | 12 & 13 September | Taj Vivanta | Begumpet

Influence Conference is initiated to build the young church (you). Draw professionals, entrepreneurs and working population of the city with a vision to teach and impart to be the LIGHT wherever they are placed. We desire to empower you in your calling and challenge you to pursue your dreams. The Conference would include fresh sounds of worship and transforming sessions by few of our city’s renowned speakers. If you want to live your dream and yet be used by God to His best, then do not miss this encounter with God, we are sure that the conference will ignite your passion and push you to your next season in life. Come lets join together to INFLUENCE our cities for God’s glory.
It is astonishing to see the rate at which inhabitants are heading into our cities, its rapid growth in numbers, businesses, change in the demography and a sea change in the culture have brought our cities to a place of choosing the broad or the narrow way, everyday of our lives. At this moment, we believe that it is of utmost importance and of great urgency for the Church to go out and get into the society; the communities, offices, sports and numerous other arenas to be God’s influence, there.

We believe that every person has a dream and every person has a calling, our desire is to encourage them to pursue their dreams and empower them in their calling and to be the light as God challenges us in Matthew 5:14.

Victory Christian City Church (VC3) was planted in the year 2004, by Pastor Sumanth Perumalla and Pastor Rani Perumalla, (after a long season of prayer and confirmation from the Lord) in a small classroom of a school in Secunderabad with a desire to reach out to the urban population of the city.Thus the vision of VC3 was set, -- “To build a church that is relevant to this generation and to be a positive influence on the society”. From the time of its inception, VC3 stood by its vision and has worked towards spreading the Gospel among the young generation, preparing them to present themselves as true Christians while pursuing their God given dreams.VC3 now is a vibrant church filled with people passionate for God and serving God wherever they are placed. Our Sunday services are packed with modern worship and practical life transforming sermons.VC3 is also a part of the global C3 movement led by Ps Phil and Chris Pringle, Sydney -Australia.



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